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Does it matter ?

A series of articles that will talk about most important but least focused areas in Database Design and Development.

Best practices for Stored Procedures in SQL Server

This article includes set of 40 recommendations for stored procedures. Following checklist can be used by Developers during development of stored procedure. Leads can refer this checklist for review of the stored procedure submitted for code review. This checklist can also come handy to Database Developers and Administrators while working on Performance Tuning/Optimization of stored … Continue reading Best practices for Stored Procedures in SQL Server

Decoupling vs Performance – SQL Server

Did you ever noticed thousands of lines of code in a single Stored Procedure? Did you faced performance issues in such Stored Procedure? Did you faced difficulties in debugging such Stored Procedure? Did you ever noticed the millions and billions of rows in a single Table? Did you faced the difficulties and performance issues in dealing with … Continue reading Decoupling vs Performance – SQL Server

Normalization vs Performance – SQL Server

Are you dealing with high volume online data and having trouble in performing online analytics over it? Normalization could be one possible reason behind poor performance of your queries. Every solution has some trade-off so normalization also has. If your data is extensively normalized then you may be performing a lot of joins in order to … Continue reading Normalization vs Performance – SQL Server