Book Launch: Learn T-SQL from Scratch

A lot of my colleagues and people in my network reached out to me to train them on the SQL Server and T-SQL. They think that my style of teaching and explaining the topic is unique and helps them understand the topic quickly. This really motivated me to take up a project of writing a similar book more than a year ago.

It was Aug-20 when I started Learn T-SQL from Scratch. The book was launched this week and is available to buy at Amazon and at the publisher’s site. This book is intended for people who wish to start with T-SQL. This book will be also useful for the entry-level and intermediate-level SQL Server Developers and Administrators to clear their fundamentals and upgrade their skills on T-SQL. This book doesn’t intend to teach deeper topics such as Internals, Performance Tuning, etc. However, while explaining the concept I’ve tried making a few suggestions and recommendations that can help write effective queries that will be optimized. The goal of the book is clear – to help the reader to get started with T-SQL and SQL Server.

The contents of the book are crafted in such a way that anyone having knowledge of Excel can learn SQL. Prior programming experience is not needed, but having so shall have an advantage.

The book was reviewed by Sr. SQL Server Professionals – Mr. Suresh Kumar and Mr. Sandesh Jadhav. The book is also fortunate to have the Forewards by – Mr. Grant Fritchey, Mr. Shivprasad Koirala, and Mr. Pradeep Paliwal.

I now dedicate this book to my entire SQL Server Community. I hope it will help many to start and excel in their career with T-SQL and SQL Server.

Thank you!

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