COVID-19, a wake-up call

COVID-19 is the only pandemic I’ve seen in my whole life. It gave me a whole new percepective of the life.

Kaal (Time) is mightiest of everyone and everything. We occasionally forget this when we are in good times. For Kaal everyone is equal. Be it poor, be it rich or be it king. No-one is beyond it’s purview.

Even the British Royal Family, UK’s Prime Minister and Health Minster tested positive for coronavirus. We all know what’s going on in Italy and other part of the world.

This is an eye opener for us. We spend our whole life in ego and accumulation, but we don’t know all our possession is temporary. One day a pandemic or something will take away what we posses, including our life and loved ones.

Human is the only species exists on this earth who does the accumulation. The hunger of human called greed, never settles. One day something happens and it takes away everything.

There are set of people. Some says I, other says WE. There is again variety in WE. WE could be family, friends, colleagues, village, city, state or country.

This discussion is very important in today’s situation. We have so many Countries, governed by independent Political Parties, Kings or Dictators. This pandemic started in a country in a small town and has now captured almost whole world. The economies have collapsed, countries and cities have been locked down.

Now the question is does Humanity falls under the purview of WE? Humans are divided on the ground of color, race, region and religion. It’s being history that Humans always fought to capture others belongings, including wealth and land. We also know that this selfish behavior of humans made our own fellow humans slaves for centuries. These slaves were traded like goods.

We consider ourselves as the most evolved species. Is that true? Does evolved species kill their fellow species? Does evolved species damages the place where they live? Does evolved species harm others for greed? Atleast I deny that. We are not evolved yet. Human is the only species which never does any good to mother nature, since birth to death.

Today we’ve COVID-19, tomorrow we’ll have some other pandemic, day after tomorrow something else. What is the cause of all this? It needs self-introspection.

We’ve global organizations like UN. These organizations are controlled by countries. Few countries have their control over it. They mostly use it for their own benefits, instead of using it for global cause.

We still don’t have any plan to overcome Global Warming. One day it will knock our door and we’ll be helpless. So what we as an individual human should do? We should never forget that cities, states, countries and this world is made of individuals like us. We can make our goverment do what we want if we’ve will. Let’s get out of our selfish nature and greed. Let us increase the horizon of WE. Let us include the whole world into our family.

It is the need of time, that we leave our selfish nature, and extend all possible support to poors and needy, in such a difficult time. There are so many daily wagers and poors, for whom hunger is more dangerous than coronavirus.

Although, governments are doing their bit and making all possible efforts to support them, but set of goverment personnel cannot look after the whole humanity. We all will have to contribute.

Nothing is permanent in this world, so does the COVID-19. It will soon vanish from our life. But as a human we must learn from our mistakes. We should now teach our kids to become human than successful.

Our education system should be transformed to include the moral education, human values, humanity and love towards nature. Research is in our DNA but research with human values is something which can’t be done in isolation, unless the researcher knows and understands the human values.

Today’s kids are tomorrow’s scientist, prime minister and president. What they learn today, they will apply tomorrow. So let us cultivate the seeds of good morals, so that we get fruits in terms of good leaders tomorrow.

Stay in isolation, maintain hygiene, boost your immunity and most importantly, be positive!

May god bless us all!

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